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Sr.No.CategorySubjectMemo NumberMemo Date
1 Instruction Regarding withdrawal of instructions 24.05.2018 A7-UB-2023-27557426/12/2023
2 Policy Regarding Regularisation of unauthorised relegious constructions on public places. A7/UB/2023/25342224/11/2023
3 Policy Extension in time of licenselease period of Restaurant sites including Gymkhana sites of lockdown A-2-UB-2023/18179623/08/2023
4 Policy Comprehensive policy for all Govt. Departments, Boards, Corporations, Authorities for disposing its properties in possession with an Individual or private entity by way of lease or rent for 20 years or more. A7/UB/2023/17527214/08/2023
5 Instruction Regarding transfer of Mandi Township areas to HSVP from ULB Department A-5-UB-2023/12894109/06/2023
6 Instruction Rehri market sector 9 Panchkula dated 29.09.2022 A7/UB/2022/16886429/09/2022
7 Policy Registration of 4th floor to be allowed as separate dwelling unit in case of Residential plot 06.03.2019 A6/UB/2019/43471-7206/03/2019
8 Instruction Regarding Technical support and Data Correction issues 29.10.2021 A7/UB/2021/18733729/10/2021
9 Policy Regarding registration of independent floors of SCOs SCF and DSS dated 05.12.2020 A7/UB/2020/193109-11005/12/2020
10 Instruction Regarding provision of anciliary facilities in social religious charitable and political parties instituional sites allotted by HSVP. 27.10.2022 A7/UB/2022/18260027/10/2022
11 Policy Regarding providing space for opening of liquor vend policy dated 19.05.2022 A7/UB/2022/8195419/05/2022
12 Instruction Regarding allotment of institutional sites to Religious Social and Charitable institutions in various U.E. of HSVP fixation of rates dated 16.08.2022 A2/UB/2022/13874116/08/2022
13 Instruction Guidelines regarding providing space for opening of Liquor Vends Policy dated 16.07.2021 A7/UB/2021/12501116/07/2021
14 Instruction Guidelines regarding providing space for opening liquor vendors dated 21.05.2023 A7/UB/2023/11039421/05/2023
15 Policy Consolidated policy guidelines for insuring implementation of terms and condition of allotment regarding free treatment to poor persons 08.12.2022 A7/UB/2022/20622008/12/2022
16 Policy Allotment of incidental open space to the allottee of corner plots policy 29.10.2021 A7/2021/8737729/10/2021
17 Policy Allotment in the HSVP policy dated 25.01.2007 & 20.08.2019 regarding allotment of plots payment of interest on the depositing amount dated 30.05.2022 A7/2020/8808930/05/2022
18 Instruction Regarding modification in instructions of open space/ground booking in HSVP Urban Estates for Mela/Trade Fair/Tibetan Market/Marriage Functions etc. A-7-UB-2023/3303216/02/2023
19 Policy Regarding waiving of fee beyond the actual date of completion and issuance of RAL / OC / POC in respect of Social and Religious sites - Revised policy A-7-UB-2022/19730924/11/2022
20 Policy Policy relating to exchange of plots-modification. A-7-UB-2022/19727924/11/2022
21 Policy Modification of policy regarding transfer of constructed and occupied institutional buildings/sites allotted by HSVP. Meant for Research and Development, Education & Training, Offices of Professional, Groups/Associations or Societies not engaged in the commercial/ manufacturing activities, Corporate Offices, other institutional users. A-7-UB-2022/19652723/11/2022
22 Policy Providing one time opportunity to all allottees of Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Group Housing HSVP Urban Estates, who have occupied the buildings without obtaining valid Occupation Certificate, to make an application for issuance of Occupation Certificate-revised policy. 19493421/11/2022
23 Policy Petrol Pump. A-KK-UB-I-2009/27026-4827/07/2009
24 Policy Ban to inquire more than 1 plot in UE. A-Policy-2009/UB-I/27823-4531/07/2009
25 Policy Land Acquisition. LAC(G)NTLA-2009/150502/06/2009
26 Policy Extension in time limit for construction 15-1-2009. A-MK-2009/UB-I/1683-170515/01/2009
27 Policy Possession of plots. A-PHK-UB-I-2009/11563-8516/04/2009
28 Policy Malba Security Fee. A-PWN-2009/UB-II/11775-1180917/04/2009
29 Policy Demarcation of unallotted Commercial sites. A-PHK-UB-I/2009/6032-5406/03/2009
30 Policy Plots in Transport Nagars, Auto Markets. UB-I-NK-2009/8400-842324/03/2009
31 Policy Independent Floors 13-3-2009 A-PHK-UB-I/2009/6552-8313/03/2009
32 Policy Allotment of Social Religious etc sites. A-KK-2008/UB-II/4018101/12/2008
33 Policy Leasing of Creche School Building U.B.-II.A-K.K.2009/4611-463320/02/2009
34 Policy Residential Plots for Advocates. UB-I-NK-2008/30928-4829/08/2008
35 Policy Allotment of institutional plots. U.B.A-K.K.2009/5104-2626/02/2009
36 Policy Allotment under Oustees quota. UB-I/AU-III/2008/16290-30028/04/2008
37 Policy Rehabilitation and Resettlement 25-8-2008. UB-AU-3-2008/30337-4925/08/2008
38 Policy Petrol Pump Sites, CNG, PNG stations. A-Pwn-UB-II-08/28879-90112/08/2008
39 Policy Exchange of plots. A-6-UB/2013/7958-9318/02/2013
40 Policy Extension in time limit for construction 29-1-2007. A-I(P)-2007/3265-8629/01/2007
41 Policy Condonation Policy. A-1-2007/10182-20320/03/2007
42 Policy Instructions and initiatives taken by HUDA. A-1-2006/20942-6307/07/2006
43 Policy Nursing Homes running from residential premises. A-Pwn-2008/UB-II/26053-7521/07/2008
44 Policy Transfer through GPA. A-PWN-2008/UB-I/32420-2512/09/2008
45 Policy Allotment of Residential Plots. A-PHK-2008/UB-I/40089-4009328/11/2008
46 Policy Offer of Possession A-Pwn-2008/UB-I/39995-9627/11/2011
47 Policy Installation of Statues, Rotaries, etc. A-Pwn-UB-II-08/27771-9306/08/2008
48 Policy Rehabilitation and resettlement 28-4-2008. UB-I/AU-III/2008/16290-30028/04/2008
49 Policy Rehabilitation and Resettlement 7-3-2011 UB-A-3-2011/7895-4007/03/2011
50 Policy Space for opening of liquor vends 18-3-2011. A-7-2011/UB-I/9919-4118/03/2011
51 Policy Rehabilitation and resettlement 19-4-2011. UB-A-3-2011/13348-7019/04/2011
52 Policy Space for opening of liquor vends 15-4-2011. A-7-2011/UB-I/1313915/04/2011
53 Policy Rehabilitation and Resettlement 4-5-2011. UB-A3-2011/14943-6504/05/2011
54 Policy Rate of stamp duty. 7/212009-2-TCP21/08/2009
55 Policy Independent Floors 2009 30-HLA-of-2009/6531/07/2009
56 Policy Policy under section 43 of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995. A-Pwn-2009/UB-II/21403-2511/06/2009
57 Policy Resumption of plot 28-8-2009. A-UB-K.K.-2009/30727-4928/08/2009
58 Policy Extension in time limit for construction 9-6-2009. U.B.-A-K.K.2009/21046-4909/06/2009
59 Policy Rates of Properties in various Urban Estates. HUDA-CCF-Acctt-I-2008/18686-8913/05/2008
60 Policy Land for Gas Godwans. UB-NK-2009/22588-61023/06/2009
61 Policy Instructions and initiatives taken by HUDA 7-16-2006-2TCP-1619/12/2016
62 Policy Space for opening of liquor vends 11-8-2011. A-7-2011/UB-I/27028-4011/08/2011
63 Policy Transfer of residential plot- death case. UB-A-3-2011/29566-8907/09/2011
64 Policy Extension in time limit for construction 1-12-2007. A-11-P-97/39001-2201/12/1997
65 Policy Transfer of immoveable property. UB-A-3-2011/30963-8520/09/2011
66 Policy Resumption of plot 14-6-2011. UB/A-6/2011/19771-9314/06/2011
67 Policy Rehabilitation and Resettlement 26-9-2011 UB-A-3-2011/31399-42126/09/2011
68 Policy ESTATE MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE (EMP - 2011) OF HUDA. EMP-201101/07/2011
69 Policy Allotment of residential plots to the Oustees. UB-A-4-2012/3383-340624/01/2012
70 Policy Acceptance of surrender of commercial residential plots. A-1-99/16145-4607/05/1999
71 Policy Policy guidelines for allotment of ear-marked for shuttering business. A-7-UB/2012/7576-9529/02/2012
72 Policy Notification- Non Nuisance Professional Consultancy Services. 101912/01/1999
73 Policy Clubbing of commercial sites. GM(IT)/HUDA/2012/10218-4021/03/2012
74 Policy Issue of Re-allotment Letter. Nil03/04/2012
75 Policy Grant of Extension in time for construction on Institutional sites. A-K.K.12/17346-6809/05/2012
76 Policy Land Pooling scheme. 1043110/09/2012
77 Policy Extension in time limit for Document 12-4-2013. A-UB-A6/2013/18221-4212/04/2013
78 Policy Transfer of immovable property to the legal heir(s) legatee after death of the allottee. A-UB-A6/2013/26889-89903/06/2013
79 Policy Regarding clear identification Demarcation of residential commercial industrial sites by construction. A-6-(UB)2013/36319-4102/09/2013
80 Policy Extension Policy Clarification 12-4-2013. A-6-UB-2013/1822I4212/04/2013
81 Policy Oustee policies. DA/HUDA/4413102/12/2013
82 Policy Amendment in EMP 2011. A-4(VKS)-UB-2014/3763-8306/02/2014
83 Policy Ban letter transfer reserve category. DA/LA/NS-13/25-4715/10/2013
84 Policy Clarification of institutional plots. 1(UB)-2014/88909/01/2014
85 Policy Notification regarding Amendment in HUDA Act. 1977. 8/3/2014-2TCP20/02/2014
86 Policy De resumption Policy UB-A-4-2014/1959004/08/2014
87 Policy Policy For Nursing Home. A-1-UB-2014/2250809/09/2014
88 Policy C S Office EA-6-2014/2333722/09/2014
89 Policy Clarification Regarding Extension Policy dated 12-04-2013 956/CCF16/04/2014
90 Policy HUDA Act. 1977 HUDA/Act/197720/10/1978
92 Policy Public Notice for Oustees Policy. UB-A-4-2015/661208/04/2015
93 Policy Withdrawal Oustee Policies Prior to 7-12-2007. DA/HUDA/4413102/12/2013
94 Policy Ban on transfer residential plots under reserve categories. A-7-UB-2015/4468-6904/03/2015
95 Policy De resumption of residential plots resumed due to misuse. UB-A-4-2014/1959004/08/2014
96 Policy Amendment in EMP 2011 A-4(VKS)-UB-2014/3763-8306/02/2014
97 Policy CWP No 15405 2008 The herald co-operative society ltd Vs State of Haryana. 5807/01/2015
98 Policy Clarification regarding leasing out of institutional plots. A-1(UB)-2014/88909/01/2014
99 Policy Guideline regarding providing space for opening of liquor vends. A-4(VKS)-UB-2015/504016/03/2015
100 Policy Guidelines allotment site Social religious charitable trust institution. UB-A-4-2014/1540320/06/2014
101 Policy CWP No 26292 of 2013 Dharam Singh Yadav Vs state of Haryana regarding transfer of plots. A-4-UB-2014/1285023/05/2014
102 Policy Policy framed u/s 43 the persons with disabilities act 1995 amendment thereof. A-4-UB-2014/2353226/08/2014
103 Policy Extension time limit construction residential commercial plots beyond stipulated period 2 years clarification thereof. A-UB-A6/2013/18221-4212/04/2013
104 Policy Waiving of Extension fee and issuance of Occupation certificate withdrawal thereof. UB-A-4-2015/729216/04/2015
105 Policy CWP No. 16012 13 titled as Sham Lal Vs. state of Haryan. UB-A-4-2015/870808/05/2015
106 Policy Huda Policies and Instructions. HUDA/IP21/01/2016
107 Policy Regarding installation of Solar Photovoltaic Power plant in various types of buildings. UB-A-6-2015/1529413/08/2015
109 Policy Modification in reservation of residential plots to various categories in HUDA amendment in policies. UB-B-6-2015/2211304/12/2015
110 Policy Policy regarding allowing higher FAR in industrial plots allotted for IT and footwear industry and biotechnology etc. 2209404/12/2015
111 Policy Policy guidelines for allotment of land to Political Parties in Urban Estate of HUDA. A-3-UB-2016/4233-4223/02/2016
112 Policy CWP No.172 of 1991 Ascons Pvt. Ltd. 24 miles stone Faridabad Vs State of Haryana. UB-A-4-2016/1680324/06/2016
113 Policy Amendment of Policy guidelines regarding Condonation of delay in depositing 15 percent amount by the allottee. UB-A-5-2016/1760601/07/2016
114 Policy Revised Policy Regarding fixing of norms for beneficiaries for allotment of low cost dwelling units constructed bu HUDA. Enf.Br.2016/2317913/07/2016
115 Policy Regarding Allotment of Petrol pump site no 2 in sector-9 Faridabad. A-4-UB-2016/32254-5725/07/2016
116 Policy Allotment of hospital sites earmarked for private parties and other entrepreneurs in HUDA. UB-A-6-2016-46603-0411/08/2016
117 Policy Allotment of sites for Schools sold through auction in HUDA. UB-A-6-2016/46594-9511/08/2016
118 Policy Disposal of GP, P and SP plots through auction in HUDA. UB-A-6-2016/46590-9111/08/2016
119 Policy Disposal of left out plots through auction in HUDA. UB-A-6-2016/46585-8611/08/2016
120 Policy Policy for regularization of Nursing Homes running from residential in HUDA. UB-A-6-2016/46580-8111/08/2016
121 Policy Providing one time opportunity to all allottees of Mandi Regarding OC in HUDA UB-A-6-2016/46612-1311/08/2016
122 Policy Guidelines for Allotment of Plots in Transport Nagars and Auto Markets developed by HUDA UB-A-6-2016/46599-60011/08/2016
123 Policy Settlement of oustees claims-terms and conditions thereof Settlement of oustees claims in HUDA. UB-A-5-2016/46608-0911/08/2016
124 Policy HUDA Estate Manager Procedure 2016. UB-A-6-2016/11790225/11/2016
125 Policy Allotment of plots to the Oustees of NPR SPR. UB-A-I-2017/1443813/01/2017
126 Policy Policy Guidelines Providing free treatment to Poor Patients UB-II-08/29630-5013/08/2008
127 Policy Allotment of Police station Taraori in sector-1 Taraori CM Annoucement code no 15560. UB-A-7-2017/3660428/02/2017
128 Policy HUDA Estate management procedure 2016 EX Post facto Approval. UB-A-6-2017/1186919/01/2017
129 Policy Providing one time opportunity to all allottees of HUDA who have occupied the building without obtaining valid OC. UB-A-6-2017/1190119/01/2017
130 Policy Upgradation of existing affiliated Schools who fulfils the land norms equal as laid down by Edu. Depart. UB-A-6-2017/1187619/01/2017
131 Policy One time scheme for settlement of HUDA Oustees Claims. A-4-UB-2017/16069029/08/2017
132 Policy Policy for regularization of Nursing Homes running from residential Premises amendment thereof. Endst.No.A-4-UB-2017/21481215/11/2017
133 Policy Policy for regularization of Nursing Home running from residential amendment thereof A-4-UB-2017/49776-7714/03/2018
134 Policy Regarding transfer of Mandi township areas to the Urban Local Bodies Department A-6-UB-2018/5232519/03/2018
135 Policy Regarding review of processing fees prescribed in instructions dated 26.02.2009 in respect of institutional Plots/Sites A-4-UB-2017/4978714/03/2018
136 Policy Providing one time opportunity to all allottees of Mandi Township HSVP Regarding OC UB-A-6-2018/89998-8904/05/2018
137 Policy OTSS regarding recover of additional price on enhancement from HUDA allottees HSVP-Adm-HQ-2018/92022-2307/05/2018
138 Policy Allotment of incidental open space to allottees of corner plots in HSVP A-1-UB-2018/92633-3408/05/2018
139 Policy Policy condonation of delay in depositing 15 percent amount in case of e-auction A-6-UB-2018/104693-9424/05/2018
140 Policy Division of property Clarification regarding recovery of enhancement compensation A-6-UB-2018/127946-4725/06/2018
141 Policy Settlement of oustees claims- terms and condition thereof UB-A-5-2016/46608-0911/08/2016
142 Policy Policy regarding charging of extension fee for school sites allotted through auction clarification thereof A-3-UB-2018/42377-7805/03/2019
143 Policy Registration of 4th floor to be allowed as separate dwelling unit in case of residential plot A-6-UB-2019/43471-7206/03/2019
144 Policy Honorary allotment of residential plots to the domiciles of Haryana who have distinguished themselves in the fields of Art A-6-UB-2019/43486-8706/03/2019
145 Policy Extension in time limit for construction of residential, commercial plots beyond the stipulated period of 2 years A-6-UB-2019/43461-6206/03/2019
146 Policy Policy regarding issuance of completion certificate and waiving of the extension fees thereof A-6-UB-2019/42373-7405/03/2019
147 Policy Policy with regard to transfer of plot on the basis of registered sale deed amendment thereof A-6-UB-2019/42329-3005/03/2019
148 Policy Regarding of independent floor-clarification amendment in policy regarding transfer -floor on the basis of WILL A-6-UB-2019/13487526/07/2019
149 Policy Regarding allowing commercial activity in Industrial Belt Sector 15A as per development plan 2031 AD of Faridabad A-4-UB-2019/13500026/07/2019
150 Policy Policy for allotment of residential plots of defence category amendment in eligibilty criteria thereof A-6-UB-2019/16027104/09/2019
151 Policy Amendment in the policy guidelines for allowing transfer of plots even under Litigation A-6-UB-2019/180587-8803/10/2019
152 Policy Grant of extension in time limit for institutional sites Charging of extension fees A-7-UB-2020/3544626/02/2020
153 Policy Rates for Booking of Rooms of HSVP Field Hostel Sector 6 Panchkula PA/Admin-HQ/2020/4556111/03/2020
154 Policy Policy regarding condo nation of delay in depositing 15 percent amount installments in HSVP Properties During Lockdown A-7-UB-2020/10169909/07/2020
155 Policy Interest on deposit of additional price against original plot on account of enhancement but allotment of alternative plot in the adjoining-different sector CCF-Acctt-II-2015/2790-9109/02/2015
156 Policy Regarding transfer of constructed and occupied institutional buildings sites allotted by HSVP A-7-UB-2020/188006-00726/11/2020
157 Policy Amendment in Administrative fees for all plot holder in HSVP A-7/2020/19311505/12/2020
158 Policy Policy relating to exchange of plots - modification dated 15.11.2021 A-7-2021/UB/19492715/11/2021
159 Policy Policy relating to exchange of plots - Revised policy dated 18.02.2013 U.B.-A-6-2013/7934-5718/02/2013
160 Policy Office Order Regarding Online approval of Fresh Building plans GM(IT)/HUDA/1562515/06/2016