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Sr.No.CategorySubjectMemo NumberMemo Date
1 Instruction Allocation of Work Jurisdiction EA-3-2007/16033-11311/05/2007
2 Instruction Instructions Office Orders regarding Delegation of Powers Functions EA-3-2007/30338-39830/08/2007
3 Instruction Instructions regarding Appointment of Contractual Staff and Joining and Relieving of Deputationists EA-2-08/3572116/10/2008
4 Instruction Instructions regarding Adjustment Transfer of staff EA-5-2006/45095-17928/12/2006
5 Instruction Instructions regarding Disciplinary Cases EA-1-08/31237302/09/2008
6 Instruction Instructions regarding grant of 1st and 2nd ACP Scales EA-2-2008/10094-16918/03/2008
7 Instruction Instructions regarding Office Procedure EA-3/2008/29707-2976719/08/2008
8 Instruction Instructions regarding recording and submission of ACR EA-2-2008/10094-16918/03/2008
9 Instruction Regarding Grant of benefit of stepping up to Senior Employees at par with junior employees in case of ACP matters EA-3-2009/26194-27321/07/2009
10 Instruction Rates for booking of Rooms/Dormitories of HUDA Field Hostel, Sector-6, Panchkula EA-2-2013/3588626/08/2013
11 Instruction Revision of rate of open space/ parks and Community Centers in Urban Estate, Panchkula 1147522/08/2013
12 Instruction Service -Rules-Regulations-Instructions-of-HUDA-Employees Act-13-of-197709/03/2004
13 Instruction Increase of minimum wages of apprentices w.e.f. 01-01-2015. 13718/06/2015
14 Instruction Regarding writing of Annual confidential Report. EA-2-2016/102811/01/2016
15 Instruction Instruction Delegation of Powers to Zonal Administrator regarding release of retrial benefits EA-4-2016/621914/03/2016
16 Instruction Regarding substituting of Haryana urban development authority (HUDA) with Haryana Shehri Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) at all places 6760806/04/2018
17 Instruction Instructions regarding Delegation of Powers to Secretary and Zonal Administrator and Chief Engineer EA-5-2020/5124118/03/2020