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Sr.No.CategorySubjectMemo NumberMemo Date
1 Instruction Order by National Green Tribunal -dated-28.11.2014 dated-28.11.201428/11/2014
2 Instruction Order by National Green Tribunal-dated-04.12.2014 dated-04.12.201404/12/2014
3 Instruction Order by National Green Tribunal-dated-26.11.2014 dated-26.11.201426/11/2014
4 Instruction Order by National Green Tribunal-dt.7.4.15 dt.7.4.1507/04/2015
5 Instruction Order by National Green Tribunal-dt.10.4.15-in-Vardhaman-Kaushik-Vs.-UOI (1) dt.10-4-15-in-Vardhaman-Kaushik-Vs-UOI(1)10/04/2015
6 Instruction Maintenance of HUDA Parks to Sector Welfare Association for Maintenance Purposes 17766-7212/12/2007
7 Instruction Chief-Engineer-orders-by-National-Green-Tribunal CE/EE-W/2121-3723/02/2015
8 Instruction Implementation of order passed by national green tribunal 95/201410/04/2015
9 Instruction O.A. No. 21-2015 and 95-2014 and 303-2015 Vs UOI and Ors. pending before Ld. National Green Tribunal New Delhi CE/EE-W/CHD(G)/1564310/12/2015
10 Policy Revision of water sewerage tariff in HUDA areas w.e.f 01.06.2017 94908/912/913/914/915/920/921/924/931/93325/05/2017
11 Policy Policy For Engaging Wing CE-I/SE(HQ)/CHD(G)/A1/17/22427527/11/2017
12 Instruction Office order dated 08.07.2022 regarding Nodal Officer -MS Act-2013 CA-HSVP/CE-I/ACE(HQ)/SE(PMQ)/SE(W)/Supdt./2022/11408/07/2022
13 Instruction Enlistment of contractor-agency-firm for the peroid upto 31.03.2023 13065701/08/2022
14 Instruction Enlistment of contractor-agency-firm in HSVP upto tendering limit of Rs 1.00 Crore 1055827/06/2022