1. Amendment in allotment of residential plots policy for better chance for those who have not owning any plot.
  2. Amendment in Extension Policy from 21 years to 15 years from the date of offer of possession which speeded up construction and development works on HSVP plots.
  3. Holding of draw within a fixed period i.e. the period of 6 months, if the draw is not held within 6 months, the interest @ 5.5% will be paid by HSVP to the applicants.
  4. Reducing of interest on delayed payment and possession interest payment of installments has been reduced from 14% p.a. to 12% p.a. and on possession it has been reduced from 11% p.a. to 9% p.a.
  5. Benefit on lumpsum payment. Rebate @ 5% p.a. has been allowed in the price of the plot if full payment is made within 60 days form the issue of allotment letter.
  6. Interest to HSVP allottees in case development works are not completed. Interest @ 9% p.a. has been allowed after the expiry of 3 years if the possession of the plot is not offered within a period of 3 years from the date of allotment.
  7. Scheme of Self Certification has also been introduced as parallel system to facilitate construction of houses by doing away with all procedures of seeking approval for sanction of building plan, DPC certificate and physical checking at the time of issue of completion certificate.
  8. By Planning Audit HSVP will be able to identify missing link infrastructure/community facilities and efforts will be made to replenish as and where possible, to give better quality of urban life to its residents.
  9. By planning of old sectors, HSVP will improve road safety by providing outer Traffic Circulation routes. Residents of old sectors will get benefit of wider roads and need based infrastructure.
  10. Computerisation of plots and property management and financial accounting system for HSVP, Urban Estates. All allottees in Panchkula Urban Estatehave been issued User-ID & Password so that the allottees can see the detail of their property. The same facility will be extended to other urban Estates.
  11. All instructions, Acts, Rules, Manuals, general instructions/circulars/seniority lists are being listed on the website for time to time. The web site is being updated on daily basis.
  12. For the increasing needs of the residents of the sector New Planning Norms have been made. They will be more open with healthy environment.
  13. Auction policy of commercial sites has been streamlined. It improved the transparency in the auction as the reserve price of each site indicated in the public notice against each site.
  14. Bonafide Entrepreneurs have been allowed to transfer the ownership of the building/factory immediately after the start of commercial production. Earlier it was permissible after One year from the date of start of commercial production.
  15. Policy regarding allotment of sites on lease for setting up CNG/PNG Stations for improving the quality of environment.
  16. Policy regarding regularization of Nursing Home/Clinic running in residential areas. It has helped the residents of the area, to avail medical facilities in the neighborhood.
  17. Flotation of sectors only after finalisation of demarcation plans and settlement of old oustees claims by energizing HSVP set up and by close monitoring at senior level and organizing camps to complete the formalities by oustees.
  18. Uniform policy for compounding rates for commercial sites governed by standard architectural controls. The powers to compounding the violations issuance of occupation certificate are being transferred to concern Estate Officer (where the zonal Administrators are not in station). The proposal stood approved. Notification under issue.
  19. Alternate Housing sites for Scheduled Caste beneficiaries of Govt. schemes which provides relief to those harijans who were allotted residential plots/houses by Govt. agencies.
  20. The percentage of EWS plots increased from 20% to 35% plots.
  21. Formulation of Ashiana scheme through which EWS persons will be allotted constructed flats which will give them better quality of life. The scheme will ensure optimal utilization of scarce urban land. The beneficiaries will have the opportunity to won the flat in easy installments.
  22. Waiver of Extension fee for Women - 90% rebate on payment of extension fee w.e.f. 01.01.2006 for properties owned exclusively by women. The rebate shall be 100% for property owned by widows. It will have a major impact in the form of property in the name of women.
  23. Allotment of land/building for ECHS at highly concessional rates at par with social/charitable sites.
  24. The serving defense personnel have now been permitted to submit domicile certificate issued by their C.O. instead of concerned SDO(Civil). In case of ex-serviceman category the certificate issued by Distt. Soldier Board shall meet the requirement, instead of Rajah Sainik Board.
  25. The State Govt. has notified the new oustees policy which is more liberal. Also there is a provision of payment of Annuity.
  26. 2% of industrial plots upto 500 sq.mtrs. shall be reserved for allotment to the entrepreneurs with disabilities (handicapped). 10% subsidy shall also be provided in the rates of allotment in residential and industrial plots.
  27. To inspect at least one sector by each Estate Officer in a fortnight after giving due notice to the concerned residents welfare association (RWA).
  28. To provide free treatment to poor patients in case of allotment of land to private hospitals at concessional rates. 20 % of outdoor patients will be treated free of cost in all such private hospitals while 10% beds will be reserved for indoor patients from the weaker sections. HSVP has made it mandatory for hospitals to maintain records and registers.